Rajeev Kadam, is a seasoned business executive. With an impressive career spanning over three decades, he brings to the table a wealth of experience garnered across the globe, from navigating complex financial landscapes to spearheading strategic initiatives that enable growth and innovation. His acumen in business strategy and financial management will be invaluable to the team as we strive to redefine the sports and hobbies landscape.

Beyond his professional capabilities, he is a man of diverse interests. An avid photographer, he finds solace and inspiration in the beauty of the world around him, capturing moments and scenes with a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the arts. His passion for creativity and expression enriches his approach to business, encouraging team OQDO to look beyond the numbers and find joy and meaning in what we do.

He is also a sports enthusiast, he embodies the spirit of the sports and hobbies we champion, bringing a personal understanding and enthusiasm for the activities that bring people together and enrich their lives. His love for the outdoor activities mirrors his approach to life and business—strategic, patient, and always in pursuit of excellence.

Progenitor – Advisor


Aakash Kadam, one of the key progenitors behind oqdo, is a globally educated visionary with a rich background that spans engineering, management, and technology. An alumnus of prestigious institutions like INSEAD and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Aakash holds a Master in Management and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. His journey so far, marked by work and life experiences across multiple countries, has equipped him with a global perspective and a versatile skill set, enabling him to bring oqdo to life.

In the professional sphere, Aakash has made significant strides specialising in technical and management consulting – with a keen focus on bringing emerging technologies such as Generative AI to the market within the financial service industries. Beyond these industries, Aakash has varied experience in driving strategic growth and innovation, having worked in several cross-industry start-ups.

Beyond the confines of his professional achievements, Aakash has consistently showcased exceptional dedication to his diverse passions. As a seasoned basketball player, he has led teams to championships across various amateur leagues, underscoring his leadership and team spirit. His profound interest in music is evidenced by his proficiency in playing 5 different instruments and his success as a music producer, with tracks released under his own label on YouTube. Additionally, Aakash holds a very keen affinity for languages, which highlights his relentless pursuit of knowledge and cultural appreciation. Furthermore, Aakash has been an award-winning army section leader, which has structured his vested interest in sports and wellness.

These pursuits not only demonstrate his multifaceted talent but also his commitment to excellence in every endeavour, making him a versatile leader who brings innovative perspectives and ideas to the table.

This has all helped shape oqdo.

Aakash has become dedicated to uniquely enable people from all walks of life to not only pursue their passions, but also to discover new ones. Whether its related to wellness or a new hobby to pick up, he adamantly believes in oqdo’s compelling capability to cultivate a global community where innovation meets enthusiasm, and where passion meets possibility.

So, let’s get moving.

Co-Founder, OQDO


Shravan has been a Sports Enthusiast since he was a kid. He started playing Tennis when he was 4 years old and switched to playing Badminton, Swimming and Road Cycling while growing up. Shravan has competed at the national level in India for Road Cycling. He is also interested in hobbies like cooking, photography and playing board games.

Shravan stays in the Netherlands and as an expat from India, he did find it hard to find the right places where he can enjoy and share his passion for sports and hobbies.To overcome this challenge, he joined forces with oqdo – a platform dedicated to bridge the gap for professionals and enthusiasts in sports, hobbies and wellness.

Currently, Shravan serves as the Director at TM Systems, an Information Communication Technology and Cybersecurity company. Shravan has previously worked in a variety of sectors from Urban and Regional Planning to Remote Sensing and Geo Intelligence. He is a handson person who has helped various startups and scaleups to grow to a technological level where they can function independently before exiting. His education in both design and technology has helped to innovate and realiase products faster making him an invaluable asset for oqdo’s growth.

At oqdo, Shravan lead the product’s vision an growth strategy and engineering for example implementing new features pertaining to location intelligence which makes oqdo accessible to users, coaches and facilities.

Co-Founder, OQDO


With a career spanning over a decade in the technology sector, Sahil stands at the forefront of digital innovation. His journey, enriched with pivotal roles in various organizations, showcases his ability to lead and nurture tech projects with values stretching into millions. Sahil’s academic foundation is as robust as his professional endeavours, holding double majors in Information Technology and Cybersecurity, complemented by over eight industry-leading certifications. His education underlines his profound passion and expertise in the realms of technology and innovation.

Sahil’s professional journey is marked by his extensive travels, having explored over 200 cities across 35 countries. It was during these travels that Sahil encountered a recurring challenge – finding suitable spaces to engage in sports or pursue hobbies. ​​This personal pain point sparked the genesis of OQDO, a platform dedicated to bridging this very gap for enthusiasts around the globe.

An avid sports fan, Sahil’s love for Tennis and Football is matched by his prowess in Chess, where he has earned accolades at the national level. This blend of a keen sports affinity and a deep-rooted tech background makes Sahil an invaluable asset to OQDO. His vision for the platform is not just about facilitating easier access to sports facilities and hobby classes; it’s about fostering a global community where passion meets possibility.

At OQDO, Sahil leverages his vast experience and enthusiasm to chart a path of innovation and inclusivity. Guided by his vision, OQDO aims to revolutionize how we engage with our passions, making sports and hobbies more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Project Head

Ernest koh

Strategic Planning | Leadership | Stakeholder Management | Analytic Problem Solving

As a seasoned Project Head with over a decade of experience in driving strategic initiatives and operational excellence, Ernest is dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance sports, hobbies, and wellness experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

About Ernest:

With a strong background in finance, compliance, and stakeholder management, Ernest brings a unique blend of analytical problem-solving and strategic foresight to our project. His passion lies in creating a user-centric platform that seamlessly connects coaches, facilities, and enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant community and empowering individuals to pursue their passions.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Recognized for excellence in project execution and stakeholder engagement, driving impactful initiatives and achieving measurable results.
  • Spearheaded several civil works projects and established comprehensive SOPs, enhancing operational efficiencies and standardizing processes.
  • Implemented cost-saving measures and optimized financial processes to ensure sustainable growth and financial stability.
  • Facilitated strategic partnerships to support organizational growth initiatives.
  • Committed to delivering a best-in-class platform that enriches the lives of sports, hobbies, and wellness enthusiasts, driving engagement, and fostering a sense of community.

Let’s Connect:

Ernest invites you to join us on this journey as we build the next-generation platform for sports, hobbies, and wellness enthusiasts. Reach out to Ernest on LinkedIn to explore opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Risk & Compliance Advisor

Steve Tunstall

Steve Tunstall is a distinguished chair director, non-executive director, and business leader with over three decades of experience in general management, risk insurance, compliance, and legal across a variety of industries. Based in Asia and covering up to 70 countries, his work has significantly influenced the risk and insurance sectors, demonstrating strong capabilities in fiduciary duty, regulatory compliance, and the structuring and delivery of insurance solutions.

Tunstall is the owner and director of Tunstall Associates Pte Ltd, a premier insurance compliance and risk management consultancy in Singapore. His expertise has led to key appointments, including chair and independent non-executive director roles for several Monetary Authority of Singapore regulated Insurance Linked Security vehicles and captive insurance subsidiaries for notable corporations. Additionally, he has served as a technical advisory team leader and insurance advisor on projects spanning the Asia-Pacific region and globally. He is a co-founder and director of the Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association and holds full membership or fellow status in several professional bodies.

Steve Tunstall’s career reflects a blend of strategic insight, leadership, and innovative thinking, positioning him as a pivotal figure in the fields of risk technology, sustainability, and insurance. His contributions have not only shaped industry practices but have also fostered resilience and strategic growth across the many sectors he has touched.

Steve is an Advisor at OQDO, his deep expertise and experience will be immensely helpful for the OQDO team, particularly during the formative years.

Reach out to Steve on LinkedIn