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Welcome to oqdo – your personal playground for connecting with fellow sports and hobby enthusiasts. oqdo is designed to make it simple and intuitive to find whatever you might be looking for.

Whether it be buddies to enjoy a football kickaround with, or a basketball court you’d like to book for a friendly match; or even a tennis coach to help you perfect that top spin
– we’ve got you covered!


Pursue your Passions

Book sports, get healthy, meet buddies – all on oqdo for your own personalized experience. Let’s get moving!


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    Stay Active, Stay Healthy

    Embrace a healthier you with oqdo. Get moving and maintain your well-being effortlessly

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    Discover New Passions

    Always wanted to try Squash? How about Yoga? Explore new sports and hobbies effortlessly with just the push of a button.

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    Connect, Focus, and Play

    Stay connected, stay in the zone, and be your best self with oqdo. Book group sessions, track activities, and stay in the loop with friends.

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    Anytime From Anywhere

    Access 500+ coaches and facilities island - wide anytime, anywhere; all from your pocket.

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    No Upfront Payment Hassles

    Say goodbye to upfront payments on oqdo. Simply secure your booking s with a small fee and pay the full amount after your session

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    Stay Up-To-Date

    Our platform is continually evolving; Be on the lookout for exciting developments including oqdo Bazaar, oqdo AI and more – all designed to enrich your world of sports and hobbies! Watch this space for more!

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